The Latin Road

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This year students take a giant leap forward in abilities to translate between Latin and English with a vast number of components. They complete Volume II with a good working knowledge of about 70% of the Latin vocabulary usually found in high school Latin. Coordinated with English grammar, the students learn over 200 new Latin words from which more than 2000 English words are derived.

After a comprehensive review of Volume I which includes an introduction to clauses and complex sentences, students learn and translate second and third conjugation verbs in both active and passive voice, all six tenses of each voice; coordinating conjunctions; Latin idioms; third declension nouns in all genders; third declension i-stem nouns in all genders; appositives; personal pronouns; third declension adjectives in all genders; predicate accusative; dative with adjectives; cardinal and ordinal numbers; new prepositional phrases: ablative of personal agent, ablative of time when, ablative of time within which, accusative of duration of time, ablative of separation; objective genitive; partitive genitive; demonstrative adjectives and pronouns.

The English grammar includes distinguishing different kinds of phrases: verb phrases, prepositional phrases, infinitive phrases; characteristics of simple, compound, and complex sentences; subordinate conjunctions; coordinating conjunctions; appositives; five classes of pronouns: reflexive, interrogative, indefinite, relative and personal pronouns; antecedents, cases, agreements, and order of pronouns; passive voice of verbs; Roman numerals; cardinal and ordinal numbers; demonstrative adjectives and pronouns.

The word studies for this year center around histories of Latin vocabulary and advanced derivative clues to expand English vocabulary. Students learn about law phrases in use today, more about compound verbs, and adverbs formed from adjectives.

Students have the proficiency in Latin to translate all the readings this year and even go back to translate some of those in Volume I. Again, these include historical, biblical, and patriotic themes.


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