The Lost Baron

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The Lost Baron

Martin, son of Sir Anselm of the Hollow, risks his life in more ways than one in this fast-paced story of Cornwall in the year 1200. King Richard is dead and John is king, a ruler ever ready for more money in his treasury whether it comes there honestly or not. When the Baron Eric mysteriously disappears, his young daughter Rosamund must bear the increasing burden of his absence. The moody Sir Basil, distant relation and heir, has taken over the castle- and would not be pleased if Eric should ever return. In an unguarded moment of genuine gratitude, Sir Basil invites young Martin to come to the castle as a page and squire. Martin is swiftly drawn into Rosamund's troubles and into a few of his own before the tale reaches its dramatic climax. 

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  • Age Level = 10 and up
  • Book Author = Allen French
  • Book Material = Paperback
  • Book Publisher = Bethlehem Books
  • Copyright = c1940
  • Edition = 2000
  • Grade Level = 4 and up
  • Illustrator = Andrew Wyeth
  • Condition = New
  • Subject = Literature

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