The New Weather Book

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The New Weather Book


Calama, Chile in the Atacama Desert is one of the driest places on Earth and didn't have a drop of rain from 1570 until 1971. That’s over 400 years without rain!

  • Find out how forecasting is done, what “engine” drives weather on Earth, and why
  • Discover the importance and patterns of the jet stream, the global water cycle, and why water runoff is essential to the food chain
  • Learn the classifications of clouds, what causes ball lightning, the life cycle of thunderstorms, and amazing weather facts!


  • Age Level = 10 and up
  • Book Material = Hardback
  • Book Publisher = Master Books
  • Book Series = Wonders of Creation
  • Copyright = c1997
  • Edition = 2015
  • Grade Level = 6 and up

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