The Starlore Legacy: Lore-Episode Three

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The Starlore Legacy: Lore-Episode Three  

The Raylean people teeter on the edge of annihilation. Can Daeson lead the quest for their promised homeworld?

Daeson finds himself a prisoner in a tribal world where the law of survival rules. Gone is the hope of the promised homeworld given by the mighty Immortal, Ell Yon. Daeson must fight to restore a future to the Raylean people, but to succeed he must overcome the marauders of cruel worlds, the tragedy of quantum peril, and the arch-enemy of the Sovereign Ell Yon, Lord Dracus. The odds are mounting against him. The relentless loyalty of his friend, Tig, sustains him as he rediscovers the power of the Protector. Can he lead the Rayleans to freedom once more?



  • Age Level = 12 and up
  • Book Author = Chuck Black
  • Book Material = Paperback
  • Book Publisher = Perfect Praise Publishing
  • Book Series = The Starlore Legacy
  • Copyright = c2021
  • Grade Level = 6 and up
  • Condition = New

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