The Starlore Legacy: Nova-Episode One

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The Starlore Legacy: Nova-Episode One 

A mighty empire. A lowly slave. A galaxy to save. Will a hero rise?

Daeson Lockridge was born of royal blood, and all of his plans are falling into place now that his performance flying the legendary Starcraft at the academy places him as the second ranking cadet in his class. Only his cousin, Prince Linden Lockridge, ranks higher. But a chance encounter with a lowly Starcraft mechanic shatters his perfect plan. The mysterious Raviel intersects his life and everything he thought he knew about himself, his family, his planet, and his galaxy seems a lie. Exposed as a fraud and with no one to trust he must flee the mighty Jyptonian fleet and search for the truth…a truth that will change his life and the future of the galaxy forever, for the Immortals are watching.


  • Age Level = 12 and up
  • Book Author = Chuck Black
  • Book Material = Paperback
  • Book Publisher = Perfect Praise Publishing
  • Book Series = The Starlore Legacy
  • Copyright = c2019
  • Grade Level = 6 and up
  • Condition = New

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