The World of Plants

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The World of Plants: Great Science Adventures (Cover Bent)
Discover the World of Plants through the fun, unique approach used in the Great Science Adventures Series.


Organized around 24 lessons, each with a mini-book project, lab activity, and graphic organizer project, students will explore types of plants and how they reproduce; what roots, stems, leaves, and flowers are and what they do; what tree rings tell us; botanical terms for plants; and more.

 Lessons are written to the teacher and tie together the various elements of the curriculum. Each features primary concepts to teach, vocabulary words, a note on which "Lots of Science Library Book" mini-book to make & read, lab activities, graphic organizer instructions, and "Experience, Investigations, and Research" enrichment/extension projects. Clear directions with step-by-step, leveled instructions, pictures, and helpful information make presenting lessons easy once the pre-lesson preparation is completed. A final cumulative project completes the course.

 Each "Lots of Science Library Book" mini-book is numbered to match a lesson, and when completed, features the content for each lesson. Books are designed to be read to students, read independently, or used as research materials. Teachers will need to photocopy pages in order to create the booklets.

 The 3D Graphic Organizers are also organized by lesson number, and provide pictures and graphics to be duplicated and used as manipulatives or other forms of visual reinforcement. These allow students to break down complicated information into an easy-to-remember format they can then analyze and review.

 This flexible book is designed to be used as a multilevel resource or as a curriculum guide for a single student. In the "Lots of Science Library Books," the large print designates text for all students, while additional smaller print is given for older learners. Within the lessons for the teacher, pencil icons denote beginning (K-1st Grade), Primary (Grades 2 & 3) and Intermediate (Grades 4-8) levels.

 This book is organized by section type (Teacher's Section, "Lots of Science Library Books" section, graphic organizer pages, etc.). Lessons take 1-3 days to complete. Grades K-8. 143 pages plus reproducible section; softcover and non-consumable if pages are reproduced. Pages are not perforated for removal.

    • Age Level = 5-14
    • Book Author = Susan Simpson
    • Book Material = Paperback
    • Book Publisher = Common Sense Press
    • Book Series = Science Adventures
    • Copyright = c2001
    • Grade Level = K-8

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