Traditional Logic Teacher Key (Workbook, Quizzes, & Test)

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Traditional Logic Teacher Key (Workbook, Quizzes, & Test)

A logic course for all ages but designed for use as young as 7th grade, Traditional Logic is an in-depth study of the classical syllogism. Along with a basic understanding of the Christian theory of knowledge, the text presents the four kinds of logical statements, the four ways propositions can be opposed, the three ways which they can be equivalent, and the seven rules for the validity of syllogisms. Each chapter explains challenging concepts in clear, concise language. The Teacher Key ensures you have the answers for the workbook, quizzes, and tests.

The Traditional Logic I Teacher Key, Third Edition contains the answers to the exercises in the Traditional Logic I Student Book and the Quizzes & Tests. 

  • Age Level = 13 and up
  • Book Author = Martin Cothran
  • Book Material = Paperback
  • Book Publisher = Memoria Press
  • Book Series = Challenge I
  • Copyright = c2018
  • Edition = 3rd
  • Grade Level = High School
  • Condition = New

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