Trouble with Treasure

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Trouble with Treasure: Circle C Adventures #5

A treasure map tempts Andi with gold- but danger may be her real discovery.

When innocent horesplay temporarily lands Andi and her friends in jail, they decide that a trip into th emountains will leave their troubles far behind. Accompanied by big brother Mitch and armed with a map showing old gold diggings, they can't wait to strike it rich. What could be better than two weeks of camping, horseback riding, and prospecting?

But instead of gold they find heaps of trouble- trouble that leaves Mitch gravely wounded. Andi needs help fast. But who can she trust? And what good is a bag of gold when here beloved brother lies near death in the middle of nowhere? 

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  • Age Level = 9-13
  • Book Author = Susan K. Marlow
  • Book Material = Paperback
  • Book Publisher = Kregel Publications
  • Book Series = Circle C Adventures
  • Copyright = c2017
  • Grade Level = 3-6
  • Condition = New

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Category: Circle Adventures