Tunnel of Gold # 2 Goldtown Adventures

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Tunnel of Gold # 2 Goldtown Adventures


When Jeremiah "Jem" Coulter is caught in a miners' riot, he learns the worst: Midas mine has run out of gold. Will, the owner's son, tells Jem the only way to get the Midas working again is to blast deep into the ground for a new vein. This means a nearby abandoned mine must be reclaimed for an air shaft.

But... Jem's friend Wu Shen and the other Chinese miners are working those diggings. They have no intention of giving up their lawful scavenger rights, not even to save the town.

Tempers flare. Jem's sheriff father is ordered to evict the Chinese from their mine or lose his job.

Jem is torn between what is good for Goldtown and what is right. Then Will comes up with an idea. If Jem goes along with it, Pa can keep his job and the Midas will get its air shaft. What Jem doesn't realize is that Will's risky plan may lead to disaster deep in the heart of the old mine. 

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Jem Coulter is caught in the middle of a miners' riot. The mine is out of gold, and to search for a new vein, Will tells Jem that they have to blast into the ground and they need to reclaim an abandoned mine to use as an airshaft. Jem must decide between what is good for Goldtown and what is right when he is forced to choose between the miners and the Chinese miners who have rights now on the abandoned mine.


  • Age Level = 9-13
  • Book Author = Susan K. Marlow
  • Book Material = Paperback
  • Book Publisher = Circle C.
  • Book Series = Goldtown Adventures
  • Copyright = c2013
  • Grade Level = 3 and up
  • Condition = New

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